November 2011 Column

November carries a special message and reminder for us all to pause in the hustle and bustle of busy lives and give thanks.  THANK YOU HOBBS for your support of the Hobbs Municipal Schools.  Construction of every project outlined in the $47 million 2008 bond issue is now complete. We were fortunate to pass a bond when interest rates and construction costs were both at an all-time low. During this time the district was also reassessed for taxable valuation.  The increase in taxable valuation means most taxpayers saw little, if any, increase in their residential tax rates. We are so proud to expand our business base in Hobbs and the surrounding area, but oil and gas will always be our mainstay.  As a result, I’d like to give an additional big thank you to the oil and gas industry for the continued support.

In the meantime, Hobbs Municipal Schools has seen a physical transformation which will last a lifetime.  The new Harold Murphy Alternative School, Freshmen High School, Central Office addition, Warehouse, HHS Media Center and a variety of remodels have kept contractors, architects and staff members busy for the past three years. A committee of citizens (FACT) had the foresight to prioritize the list of projects, just as we would repair our homes before attempting cosmetic changes.

I would be remiss if I did not take a moment and thank Mr. Hardison for his hard work and dedication.  Bruce was paid as a contract service through the bond. Therefore, his salary did not come out of operational dollars. Bruce and I have been friends for a number of years that extend back to our days as high school principals - he at Hobbs High School and myself at Tatum High School.  I never appreciated Bruce as much as I have over the past three years. He is one of those gentlemen you can count on during any situation.  You never have to wonder where he stands on an issue, because he lets his feelings be known and I really appreciate his honesty.  No one needs a “yes” man for a co-worker.  We need someone who can tell us that our ideas, although well intentioned, are not in the best interest of all parties. I have had the good fortune of working with and for many a great man.  Bruce Hardison may be one of my greatest allies. Bruce is the epitome of a Hobbs Eagle.   Thank you Mr. Hardison for your work, vision, knowledge and, most of all, being a friend.

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