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Training Videos for Teachers
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Shmoop for Teachers

What can Shmoop offer teachers? Shmoop, the brother to educational epiphany, is an online resource providing supplemental resources for both inside and outside of the classroom. You can even use them right in the doorway if you'd like. Introduction to our library of learning guides, test prep exams format,description of Shmoints, alignment to common core, and digital literacy overview.

How to Shmoop: Using the Classrooms Feature

Learn all about Shmoop Classrooms - a digital classroom experience. Go ahead and put on your 3-D glasses now. Man - you can almost reach out and touch the chalk erasers.


How to Shmoop: A Teacher'sGuide to Our AP Prep

If your students do well on their AP Exams, it makes you look good. And if you look good, we look good. And if we all look good, we'll be able to get into some very exclusive clubs.  This video will teach you how-to login, how to use drills and practice exams, and how to navigate your way through Shmoop.

How to Shmoop: A Teacher/Administrator's Guide to SAT 

Everything you ever wanted to know about your Shmoop SAT guide. And maybe one or two things you didn't.The video tackles the subjects of how-to login, using drills and practice exams, and navigating your way through Shmoop.com. Bring a compass.


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