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Hobbs Municipal Schools
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Parent Internet Viewer

Access the Parent Internet Viewer by clicking here.

Hobbs Municipal Schools made the switch to a Skyward Parent Internet Viewer (PIV) system at the beginning of the 2012-13 school year. The switch gives parents and students access to a larger collection of individual student data than past systems.

We recognize that learning a new system is challenging but believe parents will be pleased with Skyward Parent Internet Viewer features.  To access the site, follow these instructions: (Note: Browser must be Internet Explorer 8 or Safari)

Log in by clicking on Check Grades - PIV, the first link on the top left side of the districtwide HMS home page (or click the link below).

Type your student's last name first and entire first name in the Login ID box (no spaces or capital letters). Next, enter your student's Password - the student identification number they were assigned when they first entered Hobbs schools.  (If you are unfamiliar with the password or your student has lost the number, telephone the office at your child's school. Secretaries have access to each student's identification number - also referred to as a "state" identification number). Select Family/Student Access in the drop-down box under Log-In area.

Once you've gained access to your student's Parent Internet Viewer, follow the links at the left of the page to check a calendar of assignments for you student; an attendance calendar (providing information on individual class attendance at the secondary level, daily attendance at the elementary level;) missing assignments; report cards, and a course schedule. (Note that students can print out this course schedule prior to the beginning of each semester to avoid long lines at their school office.

In the rare instance where two students share a name or parents experience difficulty accessing the site, please call your school office for further direction. Thank you and we hope this site will help you keep track of your student's progress through Hobbs Schools.

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