October 2015 Column

  The recent release of high school PARCC test results brings disappointment when comparing the scores of HHS to other districts across the state of New Mexico.  I offer no excuses.  I can only say that the test scores are not a good indication of the hard work the staff and students are performing each and every day.

  Teachers this summer aligned their curriculum and modified their interim assessments to reflect changes we noted in our research of the state teaching expectations. Although we would love to see positive standardized test scores, we understand the tests are an opportunity to measure our progress.  We will review the results, make corrections to our lesson plans, modify our curriculum where we see weaknesses and teach again.

 I stand behind the staff at HHS because I see them on a regular basis as they review results and modify their interventions to ensure students master critical standards. Teachers and administrators love and care for their students.  It is disappointing that some will see the test results as a failure of our system.  HMS is doing great things for kids.

 Last school year’s test results for third through 8th grades were expected to become available this week.  Whether those scores are above or below the state average will not define who we are.  I refuse to let a test determine my worth and the value the teachers of Hobbs Municipal Schools put into their vocation every day. I say this with the understanding that I am not condemning the PARCC test.  I believe the standardized test is one of multiple measures we use to determine our development.  That being said, this is why I believe it is important for all students to participate in PARCC testing.  Students will not be judged by their performance but rather it gives us an opportunity to measure how we are progressing as we try to prepare out students for college or careers. I look forward to the PARCC outcomes so we can analyze our results and continue with our school improvement model of getting better every day. It is difficult to determine our strengths and shortcomings until we until we can see the results by an item analysis.

  We are on a long journey of continuous improvement. If we set a particular date to reach excellence, we set ourselves up for a lethal and devastating debacle.   Teachers could lose hope and decide to leave a profession they have dreamt about in which they could positively impact children's lives. Our goal at Hobbs Municipal Schools is to continually improve.  We may never reach our goal of world class, but we will always strive to improve.  We will ensure that "All children will learn.”
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