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Teens Against Bullying


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The effective education of our students requires a school environment in which all students feel safe and secure.  The Board of Education is committed to maintaining an environment conducive to learning in which all students are safe from bullying, violence, threats, name-calling, intimidation, and unlawful harassment.  


The Board forbids discrimination against any student on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity  (referred to herein as “protected characteristics”), on school premises, at any school sponsored activities, or during any school supplied transportation, by any students, employees, non-employee volunteers, or any other persons who are subject to the control of school authorities.

Hobbs Municipal Schools reserves the right to investigate, respond to or impose discipline for conduct prohibited by this policy if a member of the school community has committed an act of cyber-bullying as defined herein, regardless of when or where it physically occurs, if that act of bullying leads to the disruption of a safe, respectful and fear-free environment for another member of the school community.
The Board of Education finds that practices known under the term “hazing” are dangerous to the physical and psychological welfare of students, and are prohibited in connection with all school activities.

Hobbs Municipal Schools believes that providing an educational environment for all students, employees, volunteers, and families, free from harassment, intimidation, or bullying supports a total learning experience that promotes personal growth, healthy interpersonal relationships, wellness, and freedom from discrimination and abuse.  Therefore, harassment, intimidation, bullying and/or hazing are forms of dangerous and disrespectful behavior that will not be tolerated. 

Further, the Hobbs Municipal Schools reserves the right to respond to conduct prohibited by this policy when committed by persons not directly subject to the authority of the School District (e.g. parents, school patrons, community members, vendors, etc.) by reporting such conduct to local law enforcement because it is disruptive to the functions of the School and may violate NMSA 1978 Section 30-20-13.


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