English Language Arts Grades 7-9

The Hobbs Municipal School District strives to ensure that all students succeed academically, socially, and personally. It is the Language Arts department’s responsibility to provide rigorous, appropriate, and challenging curriculum to ensure that this success is achieved by all students.

Strong critical thinking skills in both reading and writing are required if students are going to be successful in college. With this in mind, the Hobbs Municipal Schools searched for a research-based curriculum that empowered secondary students to become productive learners.  After much research, discussion, and data analysis, SpringBoard stood out above the rest and is now the approved Language Arts curriculum for grades 7-9. SpringBoard is the College Board’s official Pre-AP program and was developed to provide a path for attaining the knowledge and skills required for students to be successful in AP courses and in college-level work. HMS shares SpringBoard’s mission which is to inspire, connect and prepare all students for college and post-secondary success.

SpringBoard offers a carefully articulated, engaging, and rigorous English Language Arts curriculum of instruction. The program is very carefully scaffolded and a purposeful sequence of instruction is embedded within. There is systematic instruction in vocabulary and grammar, and very explicit reading and writing instruction wherein students read deeply and develop the critical-thinking skills needed to emerge as successful readers, writers, and thinkers.

We know that effective learning happens when the content and the instruction hold students’ attention. Today, a multitude of interests compete for students’ attention, and it is important that students see a relationship between what they’re learning and their own lives. SpringBoard helps students connect to a variety of genres, from fiction and poetry to film and online articles and blogs. Texts included in the SpringBoard program have been selected to meet several criteria: literary merit, skills-based instruction, and interest and relevance to students’ lives. 

Within the district, there are currently five Nationally Certified SpringBoard trainers that train teachers and administrators on the components and implementation of the program. We have 16 trained Language Arts teachers that implement the program with success and have seen gains within all subgroups of students.

As teachers and district employees, we see students thrive in Springboard classrooms as they learn through participation, collaboration, and active engagement with English Language Arts concepts that stretch and inspire their thinking.  

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