Elements of SpringBoard

 ·         Educational Research supports the integration of research findings on best practices for helping students learn, as well as underlying research on how best to present and reinforce new content learning.

 ·         Rigorous Standards provide a pathway to Advanced Placement and support instruction built on the College Board Standards for college Success to meet or exceed state curriculum standards.

 ·         The Instructional Framework is built on “designing with the end in mind.” Embedded Assessments are the starting point, with activities scaffolded to teach needed skills and knowledge.

 ·         Teaching and Learning Strategies are a cornerstone of the instructional design and are embedded in the learning activities to encourage best instructional practices and at the same time develop and sustain independent student learning.

 ·         Purposeful Learning Activities are relevant, rigorous, student centered, engaging, interactive, and collaborative developing students’ skills in evaluating, analyzing, and communicating effectively.

 ·         Differentiated Instruction opportunities are built carefully on scaffolded instruction leading toward the Embedded Assessments in the units of instruction.

 ·         Assessment, both formative and summative, including objective End of the Unit tests, performance based Embedded Assessments, and Portfolio to track growth over time, as well as recursive calls to reflect on learning, all work toward successful mastery.

 ·   Teacher Support and Professional Development honor and value the flexibility and expertise teachers bring to the classroom. A Teacher’s Edition offers a wealth of instructional suggestions, while face-to-face training is supported by an online program featuring and interactive professional learning community that invigorates and sustains successful teaching.

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