Mathematics Grades 6-8

Connected Mathematics

Mathematics Grades 9-12

SpringBoard Mathematics with Meaning, is a highly engaging, student-centered, standards-based mathematics program. Integrated into the program are the five National Council of Teachers of Mathematics process standards (Problem Solving, Reasoning and Proof, communication, Connections, and Representations) to equip students with the thinking skills needed to acquire and apply significant math content.  It is the mathematics department’s responsibility to provide rigorous, appropriate, and challenging curriculum to ensure that this success is achieved by all students. The mathematics instruction follows a balanced approach in which concepts are presented based on the most effective instruction: directed for basic mathematics principles, including examples and practice; guided for concepts that need a combination of direct and investigatory learning; and investigative activities that allow student to explore and discover mathematics concepts through contextual learning.

SpringBoard is the College Board’s official Pre-AP program and was developed to provide a path for attaining the knowledge and skills required for students to be successful in AP courses and in college-level work. HMS shares SpringBoard’s mission which is to inspire, connect and prepare all students for college and post-secondary success.

SpringBoard offers a carefully articulated, engaging, and rigorous mathematics curriculum of instruction for middle school through Pre-calculus. The program is carefully scaffolded and a purposeful sequence of instruction is embedded within. Students need to be able to solve complex math problems using a variety of mathematical knowledge and skills, collaborate with others to complete a task, and communicate effectively using the language of mathematics.

We know that effective learning happens when the content and the instruction hold students’ attention. Today, a multitude of interests compete for students’ attention, and it is important that students see a relationship between what they’re learning and their own lives.

Within the district, there are currently 14 trained mathematics teachers that implement the program and one Nationally Certified SpringBoard trainer.


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